As we began working with frameless doors in Europe, years before most the world even heard the word frameless, we gathered extensive experience in what works and what doesn’t. Today, many companies in North America will still try to sell you pieces, a profile here, a hinge there, and convince you that you can make your own frameless doors. For the non-inexperienced, with lots of time to waste, this seems like a reasonable adventure, but after your result falls apart, you will discover that an engineered solution will save you time, money and your reputation. Insensation has a complete line of proven interior and entrance doors, all frameless or co-planar, all high-end and all installed without tremendous effort or planning time.

The Frameless-Swing FS1 and Frameless Pocket FP1 versions of the doors are available in single, double and ceiling-high versions using proven, modern lockcases, concealed hinges and high-end door hardware, which is pre-milled and pre-installed in our factory. The doors are specified by both architects and design-build contractors who appreciate precise engineering and high quality.